Magnesium Oil Spray


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Unfragranced magnesium oil.  Although it is called magnesium oil, it is actually a brine.  Magnesium has a wonderful array of benefits and it believed to assist  in replenishing magnesium in the body, help bones to absorb calcium, relieves muscle tension, therefore easing pain and can eliminating cramps.  It is also believed to speed up up recovery time.  Magnesium oil can aid in sleep and allow for restful sleep.

Magnesium Oil is usually sprayed onto the arms, legs, under the feet, and/or stomach. People who have specific issues like leg or muscle cramps will spray and gently massage the oil onto that specific part of their body. The spray can be left on or washed off after 30-minutes.  The spray can have a tingling sensation on the skin.

Total weight:  125ml


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